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Learn how good nutrition impacts oral health and why diet is important

Diet impacts your oral health. Eating healthy can improve your teeth, for example.

Eating fruits and vegetables can not only help you prevent cavities, but it will also keep your teeth whiter. Eating too much candy or sugary foods can result in cavities.

The Diet’s Link to Oral Health Problems

One misconception about sugar is that it always causes cavities. The truth is that there are certain sugar-based foods you can eat without risking dental health. For example, fruit contains naturally occurring sugars, which neutralize the harmful acid in other food that can erode tooth enamel. And, if you do eat a sugar-based food, be sure to brush your teeth following consumption in order to minimize the risk for cavities and to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

To maintain oral health, brush after eating starchy foods. To help prevent cavities, brush right after consuming something like brownies or rice cakes. If you neglect to do so, monitoring your teeth and gums can help to spot a cavity before it has grown large enough to be painful.

Foods that help prevent plaque buildup

Eating raw foods will help improve oral health because they are naturally rich in saliva and acids that reduce the growth of plaque. Raw food also helps keep teeth strong and gums healthy, as well as aids in cleaning one’s mouth.

Diet will affect your oral mouth health, try eating often for a healthy mouth.

How a diet affects oral health

Poor dieting can affect our teeth, not to mention the rest of our body.

Make good food choices and clean your teeth after eating. Keep some raw foods handy for snacks or to munch on when you are feeling hungry. Remember, healthy teeth comes from care!

What you should know about the link between diet and oral health

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