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When adding a new toothbrush to your collection, you can immediately see the difference in quality. It has bristles that hold their shape against your teeth and feel good when brushing. However, overtime, the bristles wear out and flatten down, no longer cleaning your teeth like when they’re first introduced. The best practice is to change out your brush every 3 months.

Toothbrush bristles can be worse than plaque for your oral health

After brushing, rinse your brush and store it in an upright position to keep bacteria away from surfaces that may be more germs, like toilets.

You should rinse your mouth with mouthwash and immerse the brush in it by soaking it once a week. When you do, be sure to dry the bristles thoroughly first.

Toothbrush Supply

You should have a spare toothbrush on-hand at all times. Keep it in your desk drawer so you always have a replacement for when you drop one in the toilet.

Buy gentle toothbrushes that are effective.

Electric toothbrushes are worth a visit to the hygienist, who should be able to recommend which they think is right for you.

Cleaning your teeth with a worn-out toothbrush can lead to gum disease and cavities

As suggested, we should brush our teeth twice annually or have our dental professional do so. You will also typically receive a toothbrush as well. It’s important to brush your teeth properly in order to have an effective toothbrush.

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