Ways Vaping Can Ruin Your Teen’s Smile – Part 2 – richmond VA Dentist

With the rising popularity of vaping among teens and young adults, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks associated with this habit. Here, we will explore four ways vaping can ruin your teen’s smile and what you can do to help protect them from these risks.

A Recent Survey Shows That As Many As 37% Of High School Seniors And More Than 17% Of Eighth-Graders Vaped In The Previous Year

A recent survey has shown that as many as 37% of high school seniors and more than 17% of eighth-graders have vaped in the past year. This is a worrying trend, as vaping can have a number of negative effects on your teen’s smile. Here are some ways that vaping can ruin your teen’s smile:

  • Vaping can cause tooth stains. The nicotine in vape juice can cause teeth to become yellow or brown.
  • Vaping can cause gum disease. The chemicals in vape juice can irritate gums and lead to inflammation.
  • Vaping can dehydrate the mouth. This can lead to a decrease in saliva production, which can lead to dry mouth and an increased risk of cavities.
  • Vaping can be addictive. The nicotine in vape juice is addictive, and this addiction can lead to other health problems down the line, such as heart disease and cancer.

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